I read Ancient & Modern History at Oxford University (graduated 1994).

I worked in Russia 1994-7 on various projects.

I was Director of Research then Campaign Director of Business for Sterling and the ‘no’ campaign (to stop Britain joining the euro) 1999-2002.

I worked on various projects 2003-7, including trying to stop the EU Constitution being enacted (2004-5) and helping to run the referendum campaign against the North East Regional Assembly (2004) which won 80-20.

I was Michael Gove’s main adviser September 2007 – January 2014, with a break May 2010-December 2010. (NB. BBC people in particular: I said in September 2013 I was leaving and I left voluntarily in January 2014, do not put me in your lists of ‘people who were fired’ as you are prone to.)

I have never been a member of a political party.

This page is for an essay I wrote over a few years, ‘Some thoughts on education and political priorities‘, that (in draft form) was published by the Guardian on 11 October 2013. 

This page gives an Index of various things I’ve written.

This page archives blogs on the referendum and aftermath.

In 2015/16 I ran the official leave campaign in the EU referendum, Vote Leave.

I worked in No10 24 July 2019 to November 2020 as ‘assistant to the Prime Minister’ (NB. many media reports wrongly state that I was ‘chief of staff’, a title I did not take as there can be no ‘chief of staff’ in No10 unless some basic wiring is changed).

I run a company, Siwah Ltd, that tries to solve problems (management, political, communication).

Twitter: @Dominic2306